2022 Global Vendor Roadshow

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Feb 22, 2022

As a cloud service provider (CSP), building a complete portfolio for 2022 that resonates with your customer base and increases your ARPU is key to driving a successful cloud business. Understanding the opportunities that your market offers and what your customers are looking for is the first step. But how do you bring it all together and build a successful portfolio strategy?  

Learn how at the 2022 Global Vendor Roadshow. 

 You will hear from a select group of ISVs from our GTM Fast-Track Program. They will help you understand the opportunity and strategy for different cloud solutions in your market and how you can seize those opportunities as a CSP.   

This edition of the Global Vendor Roadshow is divided into 2 sessions of 1 hour to take the most advantage of each. One session where you will learn about Communication, Collaboration, and Business Applications solutions, and a second session dedicated to Cybersecurity. Each session is boosted with data, trends, and predictions so you can build a strong plan for your 2022 portfolio. 

And hear from the experts on each session 

Dr. Ali Baghdadi, SVP & Chief Executive in Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence at Ingram Micro, will join us in the Cybersecurity session. Dr. Ali is recognized as an advocate and international speaker on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of Technology. Together with Darek Tasak, Dr. Ali will give an overview of the global Cybersecurity landscape in channel business wrapped with insights and predictions to help you build your 2022 cybersecurity portfolio. 

René van Erk, CEO of ISVWorld and ISVPay, will join us in the Main session. René is an advisor for global technology companies on their software strategy as his company ISVWorld is the leading Data & Intelligence platform for Software and SaaS vendors. As a frequent speaker at Software Industry related events, René, together with Aleksander Cvetkovski, will share his vision on how software products will drive Cloud Service Provider monetization opportunities. 


When is it?  

There are 2 slots for each session, to accommodate all time zones:  

North America & Latin America: 

Cybersecurity session: Tuesday, February 22nd – 10:00 am PST / 13:00 am EST 

Global Vendor Roadshow: Wednesday, February 23rd – 10:00 am PST / 13:00 am EST 

Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia & Pacific: 

Cybersecurity session: Tuesday, February 22nd – 09:00 am CET / 16:00 pm MYT, AWT / 19:00 pm AET 

Global Vendor Roadshow: Wednesday, February 23rd – 09:00 am CET / 16:00 pm MYT, AWT / 19:00 pm AET 

What to expect at the Global Vendor Roadshow:  

 In the previous roadshows, more than 100 potential business partnerships came out, and that’s what some of the participants shared with us:    

“The Global Vendor Roadshow was a fantastic way to learn in a fast and easy way about a wide array of cloud opportunities in the market and how to capture such opportunities. Even better was to learn about them directly from the ISVs who are creating these opportunities and opening them to channel partners like us. Timing also couldn’t be better since we are now planning the next waves of ISVs after launching a few weeks ago our One NZ Business Marketplace, powered by CloudBlue.”   

  Emily Fischer 

Product Specialist, ICT Practices One NZ 

  “It is not easy to stay on top of the latest opportunities in Cloud, especially in such a dynamic and fast-moving environment. Therefore, listening in a succinct way to ISVs talk about such opportunities and how exactly an organization like ours can materialize them has been fantastic and a much more efficient way compared to us engaging with these ISVs on our own.”  

  Ben Nahum  

Cloud Sales Manager, Triple C 

  About the CloudBlue GTM Fast-Track Program     

 There are currently over 200,000 ISVs/IP-owners worldwide and Forrester estimates that there will be over 1 million by 2027*. With this proliferation of ISVs/IP-owners, creating a winning portfolio with new cloud solutions can be challenging. The GTM Fast-Track Program helps CSPs create that winning portfolio with solutions that not only fulfill the end-customer needs but add actual value to them.   

How to register:  

Save your seat at the 2022 Global Vendor Roadshow. Complete our event registration form to secure your place and get ready to meet our network of specialists.  

  *Source: https://www.forrester.com/blogs/the-channel-software-stack-a-comprehensive-and-critical-look-at-the-future-of-the-industry/   


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