BLOG | AUG 6, 2018
Microsoft Inspire 2018 recap: It’s all about the customers


Adam Christensen
Adam Christensen


Platform & product updates

Coming out of the world’s largest convention of Microsoft partners, I can say without a doubt that this year’s Microsoft Inspire did not disappoint. From meeting with partners from around the world and joining thousands of them in singing “All You Need is Love” in the arena to celebrating the launch of CloudBlue and gaining valuable insights from industry leaders, our week in Vegas was filled with many memorable highlights.

Introducing CloudBlue

Hats off to the CloudBlue team for working hard to prepare for the brand’s debut at Microsoft Inspire; it really paid off. The support we received was enormous. People from around the globe gathered to network, learn about our automated platform and celebrate our strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Microsoft endorses CloudBlue as the platform of choice

Adding to the excitement, CloudBlue also got a shout out from Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, during her Corenote where she said CloudBlue’s provisioning platform, which sits on Azure, “can save you months of development and get you running just like that.”

Gavriella also mentioned the IDC research that suggests partners earned nearly $1 trillion over the past fiscal year from working with Microsoft services, and confidently stated that the number is only going to grow. In CSP, Microsoft delivered 135M seats of Office 365 last year, and a quarter of all Microsoft CSP seats are through CloudBlue. We’re off and running, folks.

But enough about us –this is about you.

The message that we are brought together not because of our success, but because of the success our customers achieve was hammered home throughout Inspire. I saw an increased focus on customers’ stories and how to enable their success in both Corenotes and sessions.

"The opportunities for us to serve our customers in this new era of the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge is far greater. I've sort of lived through the client-server, the Web, mobile, cloud, but what we're going to see going forward is going to be even more profound."

—Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

What I really liked is that Microsoft put their words into action as their representatives were vigilant about visiting booths and talking with their partners. Several Microsoft employees came to our CloudBlue stand and we had a collaborative conversation about Azure with Ingram Micro, a systems integrator and Microsoft.

Ingram Micro’s Franklyn Cecilia talking with a partner and a Microsoft OCP

We discussed our joint dedication to finding the right solution for the right partner within the entire ecosystem. Working together like this for the benefit of our customers made it clear that Microsoft’s reconfigured One Commercial Partner (OCP) team is no longer just a vision; it’s now a reality.

So what does this mean for you?

It means we’re completely aligned with Microsoft to do whatever it takes to enable our joint customers’ success, whether it’s relationships, partnerships, technology, feature enhancements or services.

For example, in a session led by Mark Rice, general manager of Services Partners at Microsoft, and that featured Richard Dufty as a panelist, we learned that while our focus is on customers and connections, automation is what enables the ecosystem to thrive.

“Companies that automate and take advantage of technology will succeed. We remove the barriers so our customers can realize this success.”

—Richard Dufty, SVP, CloudBlue

So in lock step with Microsoft, we’re improving our products and services by leading with automation and leveraging our strategic partnerships and relationships so our customers can focus on their core business.

While Microsoft Inspire has come and gone again this year, it’s left all of us with an even stronger belief in the power of partnership, especially in supporting our customers worldwide. We’re still buzzing from the event and can’t wait to explore even more ways to help you—together.

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