BLOG | JUN 27, 2019
Maximize your cloud ROI with CloudBlue and Microsoft


Eric Gitter
Eric Gitter



You’ve heard this before: the cloud market is growing. It’s true. And it’s growing fast. The reason you should pay attention – now more than ever – is because your first-mover advantage is eroding every day you wait. More and more service providers are tapping the untapped and unlocking opportunities to thrive and secure their businesses for years to come. After all, this is the everything-as-a-service economy. The era of digital transformation.

Experts predict that the global cloud computing market will grow $350 billion within the next five years. So how are you going to find, convert and retain your sizable share of this opportunity? We have some ideas.

Speed is essential, but direction is critical

Everyone wants to be first to market, and for good reason. Speed will give you short-term gains and customer acquisitions, but truth is, that won’t last long. The competitive advantage of being first to market will rapidly diminish once the market becomes saturated, and without a clear differentiator a relevant, adaptive portfolio strategy, your profitability will significantly decrease.

As demand for cloud continues its surge, the real cost of doing the same old, same old becomes clear: You’ll be left behind. What’s missing is go-to-market (GTM) support based on real failures and real successes that’s vital to your business success.

Without the right partner or support, it’s going to be hard to navigate this new and ever-changing terrain. In other words, to move quickly and access the growth promised by cloud technologies, you’ll need the CloudBlue and Microsoft Azure partnership to overcome barriers to entry and accelerate your time to revenue.

With reliable partners to help you navigate your cloud journey, you can outperform your peers with the hyper-efficiency, hyper-scalability and hyper-simplicity others simply can’t match.

CloudBlue + Microsoft accelerate business

Whatever your business size and model, you can automate, aggregate and monetize your own cloud and digital services (as well as those from third-parties) to rush ahead in the rapidly expanding cloud and as-a-service market. With CloudBlue and Microsoft’s joint offerings, you join an almost-infinite ecosystem and:

  • Access 200+ pre-vetted ISV solutions from leaders such as Dropbox, DocuSign and Symantec
  • Onboard your own products and services with unparalleled speed and simplicity
  • Connect with 80,000+ resellers around the world
  • Get GTM support such as market insights, sales enablement and portfolio management
"There used to be very horizontal solutions for customers. Now with CloudBlue and the automation in the platform, we can differentiate at scale, deliver new services and distribute that to a global market—within hours. It’s a game changer."

Goran Andersson
Worldwide One Commercial Partner GTM at Microsoft

Meet with us at Microsoft Inspire

If you’re looking for a faster, easier way to sell anything-as-a-service (XaaS), be sure to book your one-on-one meeting with us at Inspire between July 14-18. And we’ll see you in Vegas.

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