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The Future of Connectivity: 5 Themes from CommunicAsia 2019


YiLun Miao
YiLun Miao



For over 30 years, CommunicAsia has been the key international Information and Communication Technology trade event. Internet service providers, satellite operators, systems integrators, mobile operators and many more gather for three exciting days of insight and innovation. And CommunicAsia 2019 delivered like never before.

This year’s technology showcase offered a glimpse into a future defined by fiber to the x (FTTX), 5G, satcom, broadband, telecom, photonics and the latest in AI, big data and smart city societies. Digitization continues to present untapped opportunities for unprecedented cross-industry collaboration. And with this comes new ways to monetize that have yet to be explored, especially with cloud technology.

To that end, here are our top five themes around the future of connectivity:

5G: The power of the fifth-generation cellular network is primed

With a public rollout around the corner, it should be no surprise that 5G stole the spotlight. Talk of the next generation of cellular connectivity was everywhere, and its promise for exponential innovation in connectivity was impressive.

“Only even number G rollouts have been successful,” said Mr. Seizo Onoe, chief technology architect at NTT Docomo. The good news is there’s now an opportunity to help ensure 5G reverses the trend of odd number releases by collaborating across industries.

By forming new partnerships, we can create a true communications ecosystem. Collaboration becomes even more important as technologies increase in complexity. It’s also important to look at what business problems 5G can solve. Because it’s not just about 5G, it’s about how all these emerging technologies come together.

IoT: Making smart technology smarter

The power of connectivity unleashed by 5G will push the Internet of Things (IoT) to new heights. What’s more, the future of smart connectivity and the new age of media goes beyond connected cars and smart cities. With IoT, there will be worlds of opportunity across transportation, healthcare, logistics, payments, energy and more.

For example, industries that are typically slow to integrate technology—such as manufacturing and farming—can now experience new opportunities to digitize their businesses and the resulting gains in efficiency, productivity and cost reduction.

From lifesaving applications in healthcare to fully connected cars on the road, the future of IoT is bright. But perhaps the biggest impact on 5G and IoT acceleration is edge computing, which will be able to handle double the scale with more customers per second over more distributed locations and architecture.

Security: Staying safe in the face of growing threats

Gone are the days when organizations could rely on firewalls for protection. Edge devices will demand higher levels of security, driving innovation across mobile technology, cloud computing and virtualization.

As a result, security will need to be further integrated into company culture, product development and deployment. Organizations will need to adopt solutions that address vital security trends, including data protection through data loss prevention tools, data encryption through the use of virtual private network tunneling and the replacement of manual monitoring with AI and machine learning.

While no systems or processes are perfect, there are key actions you can take to minimize the risk to your data and environment.

Step 3: Define what type of relationship each of your customers expects you to establish and maintain. Examples include personal assistance, dedicated personal assistance and self-service online.

Networking: The promise of SDN

Software-defined networking (SDN) is quickly replacing hardware and is set to take over the networking world by enabling more efficient automated provisioning and policy-based management of network resources.

In fact, SDN has already established a foothold in cloud computing, intent-based networking and network security. IDC estimates that the worldwide data center SDN market will be worth more than $12 billion in 2022. That’s because SDN can lower costs, deploy new revenue-generating services and apps more quickly, and allow controllers to properly manage network bandwidth.

So, say goodbye to network latency.

Workplace: The need for ongoing development

What does it mean to create a truly purpose-built workplace collaboration experience? Imagine augmented boardroom meetings, rapid prototyping and 24/7 customer service bots—all driven by AI.

With the integration of AI into the workplace, you can expect to see smarter businesses that are more connected. This will increase overall efficiency while driving stronger relationships between vendors and customers. 

How do you monetize these themes?

As these themes turn into trends, partners who can deliver on the promise of the digital enterprise and transformed workplace are the ones who will profit the most. Educating your customers on the role these new technologies play is a good place to start.

For example, talk about the potential of AI to ease their workflow, while minimizing any fear of AI taking over jobs. Explain the need for customers to rely on automation to scale. Demonstrate why data privacy and information security are integral to every strategy. And keep corporate social responsibility top of mind. In 2020, it won’t just be a “nice to have,” it will be expected. 

In simple terms, be a strategic advisor who guides customers in evolving their strategy, using technology to differentiate and enhance their offerings. Be the piece of the puzzle that connects innovations with solutions. And go all-in on cross-industry collaboration to find win-win partnerships that complete and expand your value.

Reach out to us anytime. And let’s talk about how you can monetize these innovations and apply them to your anything-as-a-service strategy.  

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