Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions

Join CloudBlue at Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions


Now, more than ever, it’s important for your business to adapt to changing times. That’s why we’re bringing you Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions.

At our first-ever virtual event, you choose from 10-in-depth sessions designed to help telcos, retailers, distributors, ISVs and others accelerate their business through automation. The presentations will provide insight to help you stay agile, navigate changes and emerge from our current environment with your cloud, subscription or channel business stronger than ever.

Navigating uncharted territory

My keynote, Navigating Through Uncharted Territory will cover today’s market trends and those coming on the horizon. I’ll also address:

  • The concept of velocitization and why it’s more relevant than ever
  • New challenges that are arising from remote work—and how to overcome them
  • What’s in store for the as-a-service economy—and how your business can benefit

Keeping your business growing

We hope you’ll leverage The Digital Sessions as an opportunity to discover how CloudBlue technology is powering what’s next in the industry. Our educational sessions will help you:

  • Leverage an entrepreneurial approach to grow your subscription business.
  • Learn how to overcome challenges in IT procurement that have resulted from greater SaaS adoption.
  • Streamline the management of direct and indirect sales channels by creating one central system.
  • Build and manage a diverse portfolio of XaaS offers with minimal effort.
  • Find out how to adapt your GTM strategy to a rapidly changing market.
  • Gain visibility into the product roadmaps for CloudBlue Commerce and CloudBlue Connect.
  • Take a deep dive on CloudBlue managed services, including operational support, technical support and sales assistance.

You’ll find the full list of all the sessions, dates and times in the event agenda.

Rising above challenges starts here

Already, 2020 is proving to be a highly transformative year that promises to have far-reaching effects. By attending these virtual sessions, you’ll be better prepared to successfully overcome any obstacles that emerge while delivering more value to your partners and customers.

Best of all, The Digital Sessions is free. Don’t miss your chance to take a deep dive into cloud and beyond to explore exciting, new ways to move your business forward. I strongly encourage you to take a minute to register today .