End of Life Overview

With the availability of CloudBlue Connect and the CloudBlue Catalog, Service Providers and Independent Software Vendors have a powerful new supply automation tool that allows for omni-product management, multichannel distribution, commerce agnostic integrations, and product catalog management. As the industry evolves, CloudBlue will continue focusing investments on newer technologies and great new experiences.

Therefore, the operation of the APS Catalog will be discontinued as of February 29, 2020 and CloudBlue will no longer support certification process for APS connectors and/or skins. CloudBlue will have no further obligations to you in relation to the operation and/or support to the APS Catalog service. CloudBlue strongly recommends that you convert your existing services to CloudBlue Connect to continue receiving service or support when needed.

Note for
Service Providers

If you are using APS connectors developed by independent software vendors (ISVs), you should obtain all further versions of the connectors, updates to already released versions, and all the related deliverables directly from the corresponding ISV.

If you are using APS connectors developed by CloudBlue, information about all released connectors and their latest versions can be found here:
All required updates to the connectors will be published therein. If you cannot find your connector on the list, please contact your CloudBlue account manager.

Note for
ISVs / SIs

If you have contracts with Service Providers for using your APS connector(s), or otherwise wish to continue support of the APS connector(s), it is your responsibility now to:

  • Make your connector and all the related deliverables available to Service Provider(s);
  • Inform Service Provider(s) using the connector about the way to obtain the connector and all the related deliverables from you going forward.

For all future integrations,
it is highly recommended to start with CloudBlue Connect.

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